All metal head wearing type Bluetooth Headphones

Let fashion become Natural    Wherever is a landscape

The main body use of aluminum titanium to build But did not make Headphones become heavy , It weighs only 365g , Using
a powder metallurgy process,The powdery metal is continuously sintered at a high temperature, pressing. CNC machining
and machining Hand grinding and other harsh precision molding process to create
a smooth flow line,Make All headphones full metal color with a thick texture

Using CSR4.0 Bluetooth technology, can provide a wider range
of wireless audio transmission Enjoy music up to 30 feet (10
meters) away, Listen to voice calls,Toggles tracks and adjusts
the volume,Let you get rid of the shackles of cable, realizing
real freedom,Free to go around

Built in NFC (Near Field Communication) chip,Simply touch the
Headphones and the phone lightly, You can quickly start the
Bluetooth Headphones to connect and disconnect, Easily listen
to music on your phone

Double ear cover ear structures, Sound flows through, Delayed reverb, Sound to get a strong expansion, Dive
deeper.Tri-band balance in place, Free to deal with the various levels of sound, Make sound shock hit the heart

Better restore the real voices, presenting music in every single detail

Using 400mAh polymer lithium battery, Full battery life can be
about 25 hours, Even if the power is exhausted, You can
also use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect the phone /
tablet / computer and other equipment, Switch to wired mode
to continue working

Headphones with ergonomic design, Reducing ear pressure,
The material selection of the head and ear contact soft silk
slippery protein and memory sponge, Soft and comfortable
to weaken the Headphones wearing feeling, Whether
standing and lying, walking, Jumping, posture and time are
not the obstacles to enjoy the music

High purity oxygen
free copper wire core

Kevlar fiber

Enameled copper wire

Non-toxic Environmental
TPF material

High-end pure copper audio wire, Separate audio and
microphone lines, No solder wire, the parachute grade
Kevlar wire, All of these details are handled, Are just trying to
bring you a more pure, high-fidelity sound, While increasing
the strength and toughness of the Headphones line, and
reduce the winding

all compatible with IOS and Android system smart
phone,Built-in import micro-electromechanical
microphone,Small size, high stability,Make the call more
clear.Music play, pause, the next answer the
phone.Everything is as you think, easy and convenient

Hard leather case included,So Headphones travel more convenient

Stainless steel telescopic boom.Can withstand more than
50,000 times the strict tensile folding test.You can easily fold
it incorporated,Greatly reducing the footprint,And protect the
headphones are hard objects crushed,Everywhere you go
there will be music

Has always been strict testing, Is Aladdinaudio's quality as
always. the Production of each link.We never let up